Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How to make a rainbow spiral dream catcher. Part 2

 Joining the crochet and the hoop is a little more complicated.
If you are following the pattern and not making a change in number of colours or size of hoop, then you will need roughly 230 dc to cover the entire ring. Since I have used 7 colours I will need 230 divided by 7 or approximately 33 stitches in each colour.

1. Put the yarn over the top of the hoop and the hook underneath. Pick up the yarn and pull it through the stitch on the hook. Now work 33 dc around the hoop. This feels a bit awkward to start with but if you imagine that the hoop is like the ring at the start of the project it might be easier.

2. Cut the yarn leaving about 4cm. Remove the hook from the work and pick up the next colour before putting the hook back in the dropped loop. Yarn over, through both loops on the hook. Make 33 dc around the hoop covering the 4cm tail at the same time if you can.

3. Repeat number 2 above for each colour in turn then join the last colour to the first using a ss.

4. Make 25 chain to form the hanging loop.

5. ss into the base of the chain, cut the yarn and hide the end.

Your Dream catcher should look like this.

Let us know if you have any problems and we will be glad to help ( if we can)
Do you know I think this one needs ribbons beads and may be some feathers.
Lynn and Vicky.

If you are using a bigger or a smaller hoop you will need to do a bit of maths:
1. Find the circumference of your hoop ( school maths pi x the diameter) or get a tape measure and measure all the way round . C

2. Now do a test: join yarn to the ring and work 25 dc. Measure how much of the hoop this covers L

3. Divide the circumference by the length of 25 stitches and then multiply by 25 this tells you how many
stitches you will need to fill up the whole hoop.H.

4. Now divide the answer to number 3 by how many colours you are using and this will give you a rough idea of how many stitches to do in each colour.

5.Remember crochet is very for giving and you won't notice a few stitches more or less so don't worry if the very idea of algebra turns you to jelly.

6. But if you like sums; The number of stitches in each colour ={ (C/L) x 25} divided by the number of colours.

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