Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Excuses, Excuses (for WIPs)

It has been such a long time since either of us even thought about the blog. We have been very busy with fulfilling orders and commissions, making things to sell at craft fairs. making sure our shelf in the craft shop was kept supplied and even making some Christmas presents. This is not just an excuse but true!
The new year makes us all think of clearing out and making space so I started and......

I found this bag unfinished because it is really hard to sew into these canvas bags and it was taking too long. Look carefully and you will see that the squares are only pinned on. I am going to try glue.

Cosy cowl, not finished as I ran out of yarn and can't really remember where I bought it from.

Really lovely Artesano yarn ( I was sorry when they went out of business). Excuse this time I made a mistake early on and didn't notice - I really can't face frogging it.

Not finished as I didn't get it finished for Christmas and it is too late now. (Christmas 2014 I mean )

A sock kit I bought at a craft show but I didn't like the first little bit so I have stopped, thinking I will find a better pattern - will I?

Two pieces of free form, which one day I will finish but you have to be in the mood .

If only these were all the wips I have, the trouble is I keep seeing things I want to try in magazines and on Facebook so I drop the current project - just another excuse I suppose. So New year resolutions the same as always.:

1. Rationalize my huge stash, be brave and give some of it away as I know I won't live long enough to use it all.
2. Complete, frog or throw away unfinished projects!

Happy New Year

Lynn and Victoria

PS Why not share your unfinished crochet projects?

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