Friday, 30 September 2016

Free Halloween Pumpkin Chocolate Cosy Crochet Pattern

Pretty decoration or a  cover for those ambassador chocolates, to make a sweet Halloween gift.

1. ch 12 turn
2. dc in second ch from the hook and then 1dc in each ch across  ( 11 stitches )
Note: From now on all stitches are made in the back loop only  like this.

3. 1ch 2dc in next stitch, 1dc in each of the next 8 stitches, dc 2tog      (11 stitches.)
2. 1ch turn dc 2tog, 1dc in each of next 8 stitches, 2dc in the last stitch ( 11 stitches )
Note it is very easy to miss the last dc as it is sometimes a bit round the corner like this.

So count your stitches until you are used to it. Each row should have 11 stitches.

3. Repeat the last two rows 8 more times and then row 1 once more.

NOTE: you should always increase at the same edge of your work and always decrease at the same edge. So if you decreased at the end of the last row you should decrease at the start of the next row. The result is like this:

4. Fold the piece into a tube and sew up the seam  like this:

5 Gather the top ( it doesn't matter which end ) like this:

You should now have something that looks like this:

It should fit over the chocolate:

Leaves and Stem
1. Make a MC. Chain 4

2. Turn, dc in second chain from hook, htr, dc then ss into the MC.

3. Repeat this 3 more times so that you have 4 leaves.

4. to make the stem: 6ch. turn ss in second ch from hook and the ss in each ch until you get back to the MC.

Take this stem around the back of the ring and then up through the middle before closing the MC. The pictures might help:

Stitch this to the top of the pumpkin and now make as many as you like.
Happy Halloween.

As usual let us know of any errors or if the instructions are not clear.
Lynn and Victoria.

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