Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Upcycle project: Magnet Display

I've been making piles of crochet magnets at the moment.  The emojis are selling almost as fast as I can make them.

So that I can transport and display them I have upcycled an old toy belonging to my children.

Here it is in its original form.  It is an early learning centre case (I think it used to be a shop or a school - I can't remember).

It was a serendipitous find.  We just happened to be going through the backs of the boys' cupboards and having a good old clear out at the time I was wondering how I was going to show off my new designs at fairs.

All I have done is spray the whole thing white in a Matt paint.  Although, with our lovely British weather at the moment finding a 30 minute break in the clouds for a quick spray in the garden has been difficult.  I've done layers and layers and layers!  It still needs another couple really.

Now for the magnet bit.  The most brilliant part of this shop/school is that it had a loose magnetic board in the back.  I've covered this in a thin, white cotton.  The magnets still work well through the fabric so all is good.


A sample of flower and emoji magnets on the board with more in the compartments below - We've used the front for mum's sugar mice but next week I have a new magnet design that is perfect for that longer slot :-)

This is how is sat on our table last weekend.  For an experimental piece I think it works quite well.

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