Thursday, 12 May 2016

Craft Fair Tip. How we display prices.

Thought I'd share the way we display our prices on our craft fair tables.
It's a very easy and cheap make but seems to fit our 'rough and ready' display and our brand.  It is also made to be perfect for our needs.  I'll explain ...

Here's a collection of the finished things in my work room.  I've been working hard!  Phew!

First job:  draw a picture - this is Wooliam our mascot.  I like to have a  picture that matches the product so customers can easily match the prices but it also matches our brand colours.  Then I write a brief description (again for clarity) and, of course, the price.  Mine are all hand done because I use any excuse to be arty but print if you don't like drawing.  Then I cut out my drawing etc, stick it onto some good quality, thick card and cut the card to match.  (Shhhhhh don't tell anyone but the cardboard is from a box that comes with a regular delivery I get so I have a really good supply for free)

Job two:  grab your glue gun (or other strong glue) and an old peg.  Put plenty of glue on the whole of one side of the peg.

Put the peg centrally at the bottom of the back of your price sign.  Make sure the gripping end of the peg faces downwards and the part you squeeze is uppermost.

While the glue is still soft, stand your sign to make sure it is balanced and push back on the top very gently so the image is tilted every so slightly upwards but the sign is still steady.  Leave to dry.

Double check the peg still works.  Good to go!

And here they are on our stall.  This must have been while we were setting up as the sign for our roses is still there among the animals.  As you can see, the signs can lay flat, stand up or be pegged on to our crochet.  Pegging on is particularly useful if you have loads of different items for sale like us or you're in a field on a windy day!!

Oh - and they can also be shoved (placed delicately?) into a basket.

Hope this is helpful.  We are always learning so would love to see how you do your pricing too.  One day we'll find the perfect solution between us :-)

Victoria x

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