Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Crochet wraps the World

After researching mandalas last time I came across this lovely free pattern for a queen mandala CAL.

Already 13 weeks of instructions have been published and I think the plan is to end at week 17. I am on week 8 and my mandala is 90cm across. I am using Stylecraft special DK but you can buy packs of really beautiful cotton on the site.

The pattern is published in at least three languages that I know of and one of the best things about doing this is feeling that you are crocheting with the rest of the world. You can look at the lovely mandalas made by cocheters all over the world by following the link above.
I have never done one of these global projects before but I am really enjoying it and still learning new techniques and ideas after nearly 60 years as a crocheter. I don't think Vicky would be too pleased if I gave the impression that she has been crocheting for 60 years but it did occur to me that we will soon have 100 years of crocheting experience between us. I think we should have a party .
Lynn and Victoria.

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