Thursday, 11 February 2016

Part 9 Making the scarf wider with lovely new yarn

This is my hoard from the Waltham Abbey Wool Show, which I have been dying to try so now I have finished up the yarn tube I am going to use it.

Part 9 Using new yarn to make the scarf wider.
First piece uses new yarn and some of the beads I bought at Waltham

   Second piece: the shape and the yarn speak for this patch. 
These two were sewn directly onto the scarf  to make it wider.

Then I made scumbles (of  shapes to fit) by connecting small patches together and crocheting round the edge before sewing them on to the scarf/shawl.

 Another fat paisley with bullions
 A spiral in three colours with crab stitch detail
Supposed to be a circular motif - it isn't very but it doesn't matter this is free form.
 Sew them together
 Crochet some beads round the edge.
Sew it on to the scarf/shawl. You can see the diamond shape too. There is a triangular piece of mesh to fill a gap.

 You probably recognise all the separate parts of this piece.

 Here it is added to the shawl together with the square from earlier
Finally to smooth off the edge a bit there is a semi-circular patch that was crocheted directly onto the work with a few leaves that were added later.

So you can see my way of doing free form is the jigsaw method. It gives me a chance to try out any new motifs, stitches, yarn or methods. I don't worry too much about colours since I have already chosen the palette before I start but I have to admit that when I am immersed in a project like this, I am blinkered in yarn shops to only choosing things that I think will go with it. This is a good thing because it does stop me from buying too much yarn.
Next time one of my favourite jobs: part 10 making a fringe, part 11 the big reveal.
Lynn and Victoria.

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