Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wintergreen Free Form Crochet parts 5 and 6

This week I have made lots more patches. Three of them have been added to the original scumble. The idea was that the greens of winter are often dark and I felt that the work was becoming too spring like.

A green triangle to fill a gap. Made from a boucle yarn. Will be explaining this and more in part 7 how to fill awkward gaps.

A little piece ripple stitch done in 4ply green yarn.
You can find instructions and diagrams to help you make this pattern at Planet June (another crocheter we admire).

The third patch is an open loopy square. Choose any square that pleases you. There are some examples here. These are 12 inch squares so they are a bit big for the present work but you can stop anywhere you like in the patterns.

Part 5
This is the scarf so far. The trouble is it looks like some mad womans' jigsaw puzzle ( no comments thank you ).  To link the piece into a whole garment you can use crochet edges that go across more than one patch. The first example is across spiral and one leaf. This is just a row of double crochet, the thickness of the yarn is irrelevant as long as the hook is approximately right for the yarn gauge. The way I make sure that the new edge fits is to watch the stitches and if they lean backwards I do two stitches in the next hole, if they lean forwards I might miss a stitch. This is something that needs practice but as I have said this is free form so if the edge you are crocheting becomes a bit frilly it doesn't matter.

This edge starts at  the yellow popcorn/dome and goes all the way round to the light green fan/wing. But I wanted to finish the small ball of yarn so I went back a bit so there are two rows in places.  I was using dc and a colour changing boucle yarn. Remember to do more stitches at outward corners and crochet two or three together at inward facing corners


These were just crocheted to fit a gap: small square of dc and a little circle  using htr, The paisley I made up but there are plenty of patterns on line PattiHaskins has gone to the trouble of making a PDF  for anyone to use.

Here they are sewn on.I am still not quite happy so I went looking for inspiration.

This is my favourite -I think because Vicky and I both contributed.
I also love the colours.

I think the difference between this one and the current piece is the amount of raised texture so I am going to add some by means of Bullions.

Part 6 A more complicated patch

So here are the next addition there are only 2 new things one very easy - the good old granny square but done in furry yarn and the spiral using 2 colours and including bullions. I had struggled for ages trying to do bullions until I found a method using a straw (I told you I would explain it later.) There is a very good video showing how to do it here . It should also be clear why you need a straight hook.

If you need to look at some more very beautiful free form, you can't go wrong with the work of Daniela Cerri. I particularly like the room divider screen.
Next time how to fill awkward gaps.
Lynn and Victoria.

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