Monday, 28 December 2015

Post Christmas, Christmas Post.

I love Christmas but I don't like the aftermath of cleaning up and trying to find creative ways of disposing of packaging. Our most creative at the moment is using the cardboard as a mulch on the allotment.

I am lucky that after such a long time crocheting I can look at a picture and then make a rough copy.So these are not entirely original but they are the things that I made as gifts for my friends and relatives:

I think this is obviously a frog.

This one is obviously a donkey but only when you hold its ears vertically up right.

This is supposed to be a shark but the fin is in the wrong place, especially when you wear it.

My personal favourite, the barn owl. Probably because I did this one from a picture of an actual owl.
Several pairs of fingerless gloves.

Don't think Ben got the hang of this one

I have shared this one before. Looks like a sad alien.

 This one was a complete failure, started off as a hooded cobra and ended up as a dead dragon.

Side view of fish. 

Dan as Hagar the horrible.

This is Christmas dinner showing, amongst others, the oldest and the youngest of the people at our house. I hope you all enjoyed your festivities as much as we did.

I nearly forgot this one - she has a lovely sparkly plait.
Happy New Year from
Lynn and Victoria.

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