Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Craft Fair Crazy

Long time no blog.
We have been rushed off our feet with craft fairs and Christmas orders.

So many chocolate cosies
Mum's pattern for robins, penguins and puddings in now a 99p bargain until Christmas

The rush seems to have died down a bit now but these are still waiting to be delivered or collected or finished.

We have done 4 or is it 5 fairs with varying degrees of success. The least successful this year was the outdoor one where the wind was so high that the gazebo blew away with Vicky attached. I tried to tell her to turn her feet out and sing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious but she didn't seem to appreciate the connection as she was lifted off her feet. Luckily we had not started to get the crochet out of the car so that was saved. 
The last two I did without Vicky as she was poorly. It is really very hard on your own especially when you are busy. Replenishing stock took priority over keeping the stall tidy and taking pictures so I have no pictures to share but I think Vicky took some at the earlier fairs.

A few blurry stall pictures:

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