Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Christmas table. Santa's pants to Fairy's frock and Gnome's napkin rings

The interest in Santa's pants ( stop it!) got me thinking about the rest of the Christmas table so here are a few ideas - not to be taken too seriously I think.

This startd as another cutlery holder  and was to be called the fairies vest but I got carried away with the decoration and then messing about in the kitchen I found that the frock fited our pepper grinder perfectly so .........

A kind friend who knows that I like to recycle and re-purpose things had given me a set of curtain rings. I was thinking of covering them to make into tree decorations but then I thought of napkin rings ( as you do ).

Take off the hook - in some it just pulls off in others you will need a pair of pliers to unscrew an eyelet.
I used a scrap of white sparkly acryllic double knitting to cover the ring by doing double crochet through the ring. Always push the stitches up so that you really fill the space or you will get gaps when you do the next bit.The green bit is a tiny bit of tinsel yarn - all I did was a dc. in every oyher stitch. I am going to play with this idea maybe using buttons or beads or tiny holly leaves.

I am pleased with the result but as you will see we are not a napkin sort of family (more a sort of pass the kitchen roll please family) so I have struggled to find a napkin to show the ring working.

All together.

I then remembered Vicky's bottle cover - it is actually for wrapping your bottle present but I thought it looked nice here and wine is a very important part of our Christmas meal. I find it very strange that the person who made the bottle cosy is the only non-drinker in the family, that is apart from those who are underage but even they would like to try it!

 PS. I forgot this - my granny would be proud of me making a traditional doily but in the shape of a star for Christmas.

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