Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Flowers and Scarves and Fantastic Yarns

I have done two crochety things this week: one is making more Christmas stuff the other is I have
re-discovered using very fine yarn, which of couse means that I have not made so many things. Needless to say I have made some things or I would get withdrawal symptoms.

 A christmas brooch using that lovely red velour/chenile yarn and a few pearls. I found a new way of making flowers so I had to try it.
Attempt at arty photography and a picture without distractions.

More brooches made from a lovely fine yarn with a beautiful sheen which does not really show here

This is horribly over-exposed but I dropped my camera and didn't notice the settings had changed.

A better picture taken in the trusty kitchen. Made using Rico Essentials cotton DK.

Here they are all together.

This is what I made using fine yarn it is a scarf rather than a shawl since I only had two balls of this beautiful yarn. (Drops Delight 75% wool the rest polyamid)

Absolutely gorgeous colours!

Attempts at arty pictures again, the little one makes it look like a manta ray. The colours are best shown in the first picture.
I should say this is not properly finished yet but we are away next week so I don't expect to blog again for a few days.

 Graham has just come in from the allotment bearing gifts of flowers. I used to really hate gladioli -they always seemed bright orange and in your face but the colours of these are so lovely that they have changed my opinion.

Finally, I think this is what is known as the cliff hanger, my latest fine yarn project.

Scarf, cowl, table cloth, vest, net curtains, a mini skirt or possibly a fishing net? You will have to wait and see, and so will I!
In all of these projects it is the beautiful yarns (as well as the amazing skill of the crocheter??) that makes the work attractive and unique.
 I really love crochet!

I just finished sewing on the buttons. You can wear this with the buttons at the front or the back or even the side.

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