Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Holidays,garlands and a wonky crocheted crocodile.

Long time no blog. Very successful fair at Hurst and nearly all the animals in the previous post were sold. I haven't done a proper stock take yet but I know we have to start making new stock.
Graham and I have had a few days on the Isle of Wight and I can thouroughly recommend it - at least out of the school summer holidays.
Typical day wake up in our chalet on the cliff eat breakfast looking at the views. Drive to nearest village and chat to very enterprising ladies who have a regular craft fair (most days) in the village hall, selling what they have made through the winter. Drive up the road and visit the beautiful Mottison manor gardens. Go to the end of the island and the needles , which to be honest is over commercialised but if you go you have to try the chair lift down ( and up ) to Alum Bay. We were lucky that a boat was on the point of going out to the needles, when we reached the ground, so we got on for a short trip. We thenspent a couple of hour on a beach with fantastic rock pools and to round off the day, on the same beach there are dinosaur footprints. Awe inspiring to think something that live at least 7 million years ago has left its traces on a beach. This of course is all punctuated by cream teas, ice creams, visits to the pub and fish and chips for supper.

view from chair lift feeling brave

we will make it to the ground.
Alum bay sands
the needles.

 We managed to do all of this without booking anything and I would do it again.
This is supposed to be a crochet blog I havn't done very much over the last week for obvious reasons but I did make Dan and Ben a snake each because all the others were sold and they really wanted them. No pictures I am afraid.

I have been dying to try this green yarn since I bought it in Portugal ( retirement is one long holiday) so here is my attempt at a crocodile or is it an alligator.

When I look at other crochet blogs everything you do seems so perfect but I often get to the end of something and notice an error, but I can't bear to undo the whole thing and start again. As I did this I was trying very hard to give him a fat round stomach and I was so successful his back legs now don't reach the ground! Strict diet is called for.

 We had a request for more hair garlands. These use the same pattern as the one in a previous blog except we have made the flowers more obvious/bigger.

Should have thought that green leaves photographed against green leaves was a bad idea especially since nature is so much better at making leaves than I am.

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