Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Free adjustable crochet bunting pattern

Do you remember those 'Chose your own adventure' books. The ones where you decide to kick the man then go to page 5 or if you choose to shake hands with him then go to page 90 etc. This way each reader can make their own story.
Well this pattern is a bit like that. You can just follow the pattern and end up with bunting like this;

Or you can adjust it to change length, size and number of flags and the distance between the flags by using the instructions in brackets/red.

My bunting has 10 flags and is about 1.5 metres from the start of the first flag to the end of the last flag. Each flag is about 10cm wide and 10cm from the hanging edge to the point. The distance between flags is approximately 3cm. You can change all the red bits.

I used Sirdar Special DK. and a size 3.00mm hook (it doesn't matter which  yarn or which hook you use in fact you can use up all those annoying bits of yarn and make multi couloured flags.)

Flags make 10 ( or as many as you want )

1. Chain 21 ( this determines the width and length of the flag so you can make it as long or as short as you want)
2. Turn miss1ch 1dc in each chain across 20 stitches ( or one less than the number of chains you have made
3. Turn 1ch dc2tog 1ch in each stitch across 19 stitches (you should now have one less stitch )
4. Repeat row three until you have only two stitches left then dc 2tog and pull yarn through last loop before fastening off.

 I have made a really small triangle for demonstration purposes.

Edging ( optional )
Start somewhere on the top edge.

 Join yarn in the middle of the hanging edge and work 1dc in each stitch until you reach a corner. then 2ch
 Work 1dc in each row down the edge of the flag.
When you reach the point ch 3. You can put a tassel into this 3ch loop later.
 Then work 1dc in the same hole as the last one but going up the other edge.

Complete the edge making 1dc in each row until you reach the corner, 2ch and then 1dc in each stitch to complete the round. I needle join the edge for neatness but you can ss into the first dc before fastening off.

Joining the flags together

60ch (this will be the bit that hangs the bunting )

 Work 1dc in each stitch across the top of the flag.

5ch. (This determines the gaps between the flags so make it bigger or smaller by changing the number of chains)
Now work 1dc each stitch across the next flag and 5ch. Keep doing this until you have used up all of your flags.

 Now  66 ch ( This should be 6ch longer than the chain at the start of the bunting. )
Work 1dc in the thirteenth ch from the hook. NOTE you are now working back the other way so work in the back of the chain to avoid twisting it.
 Work 1dc in each stitch and each chain all the way across the bunting until you get to the last 7 ch.
ss in the last ch and fasten off.
Neaten the ends.
If you are like us you will have buttons, beads and sequins hidden about the house that you can now use to decorate your bunting -we have shown some ideas in the previous blog.
You can also make tassels and put them in the three ch space at the point of each flag.
As usual please let us know of any errors - enjoy.

UK to US notation for this pattern

dc    ->   sc

And finally

Vicky has designed a lovely pattern for making Socrates the shark, we saw him tangled in a daisy chain and thought they belonged together. I have been thinking that being tangled in daisy chains may be a recipe for life but perhaps not if you are a fish!.


  1. Great bunting - thanks for the pattern. Poor shark caught in the daisy chain.

    1. He just looks so cheerful in spite of his predicament so you needn't worry!

  2. Fab idea for an adjustable pattern!
    Socrates looks super!
    Ali x

  3. Thanks Ali. My super talented daughter designed the patern for Socrates, The sharks were very popular and sold out so I now have a perfect excuse to make more.