Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A week in crochet and CE testing.

Monday: made cute Boudica Bunny.

 And tortured cute bunny. Damn CE testing.

Tuesday: made a cotton mandalla. What I can't understand is why it isn't completely circular- I drew round a plate for the backing you would think that would be round!

Wednesday: Inspired by the mandalla, I made some coasters which I had seen in a magazine.

Attempt at posh picture.

Thursday: Made a chilli garland - my favourite of the weeks production.

Friday: Made cute Tiberius Teddy

Can you work out which one has been tortured, its the look in his eyes.

Tortured a bear,

I really hate CE testing!

Saturday: Family came to lunch. Nice barbcue Ben and Danny ate huge amounts of meat and ice cream but very little salad! Made bees and sugar mice to replenish stock.

I have already tortured both the mice and the bees.
Ce testing !

Sunday: day of rest you must be joking!
Made two eye-pods on key rings

I also have two bigger projects on the go so I did a bit of my poncho and thought about doing some of my crochet blanket - didn't actually do it but I will honest!
I really think Vicky's garden is looking lovely.

PS the pattern for Tiberius and Boudica ( actually Tumbelty Ted and Bunny Bunting ) is one that we sell as String Theory.


  1. What a productive and eclectic week you have had - though from previous posts, not unusual!
    Love all your variations...sorry to see such tortuous positions for bear and bunny - but for a very worthy CausE!
    Hope this week has been as colourful and creative!
    Ali x

  2. You are right the testing is a worthy and essential cause but I have had to stop calling the toys 'him' and 'her' and revert to 'it' which makes it feel a bit less like torture. Mad or what??