Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A two-fayre crochet selling weekend in pictures

We have had a busy bank-holiday weekend!  A Saturday craft fair in Camberley and then a full day May Fayre on Monday to celebrate May Day.

We are exhausted!  

The first was, unfortunately, not very well attended (but we made some good contacts and had good fun), the second was incredibly busy and we did very well.  The weather was with us and the atmosphere was great.  It is so gratifying when people say nice things, admire the work and really appreciate the time and skill it takes.  

If you met us there ... Hello again and thanks for visiting.  If you bought something ... many thanks.  We sold a lot of stock but there are some lovely things left and these will be listed online as soon as we can get some good photos taken.

Time for a bit of a rest now.  Unless anything else comes up the next fair isn't until the end of June (I'd better get working on my private commissions now!) 

In the mean time here's a little gallery of shots from the two days.  Two very different stalls - one table inside at the first and 3 tables under a gazebo on the second.

Shame about the boarded-up shop in the background - and WHY OH WHY won't that banner hand straight??

If anyone has a good way of displaying headbands can I 'steal' it?  They look a mess within two seconds and one customer!


  1. Thanks, Gillian. Hard work, though :-)

  2. Love your colourful mix of exciting creations - so many tempting items!
    Especially like the flower garlanded hair blowing in the wind....and your ability to work around the bollard!!
    Your freeform rainbow scarf is always a joy to see...in many positions!
    I expect you'll have a eureka moment for the headband situation...when you least expect it!
    Ali x

  3. Thank you very much for looking. Graham has founds us another girls world but otherwise no eureka yet.
    Lynn and Vicky.