Monday, 30 March 2015

Easter patterns both knitted and crochet.

Easter is fast approaching and Vicky has been busy designing a pattern for ducklings. They are really sweet in every way because if you buy a packet of little chocolate eggs. they don't all fit in the crochet and so you just have to eat the left overs.. Pattern available here----

  I like this one because it looks as if it is sharing.

But my sympathies are with this one who seems to be saying leave it its mine.

 Vicky has also developed a knitted version of Persephone isn't she cute? (Crochet version here)

This is the winter version of our passion flower.
Addition of flowers and butterflies possibly not an improvement on nature.

 I like the butterflies on their own best. They each have a clip to allow them to be attached to anything in your garden

I have discovered florists tape - it certainly improves my primroses.

 Another addition this week is a bright bavarian cushion.
It is on my new rocking chair. I have a picture in my mind of me sitting on the porch, rocking, crocheting and talking to myself. So we next need a porch.


  1. I love these wee things - especially the flowers. Beautiful cushion - hope you soon get a porch!

  2. Thank you very much but the porch seems unlikely so I will have to find another place to go quietly mad.