Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Is this Free-form Crochet?

A lady e-mailed Vicky the other day and said how much she liked our free-form crochet. I have shared a lot of the traditional type free form that we have done but when I think about it much of what we do could be considered free-form

This is a perfect example: when I made the mice I didn't
have a
this is my favourite
pattern but I really thought I was making the same creature but in different colours but there are fat ones, thin ones, happy ones and bewildered ones and yes one of them even turned into a rabbit. I wonder if this is actually the true meaning of free-form.

Want to make mice?
Mum's pattern is available here and a full kit here.
 Portuguese yarn made into a cowl again no pattern. I made this in Portugal but didn't buy quite enough yarn so I just had to go back to the yarn shop!!!!The free from bit was making a thing to fit the yarn rather than the other way round.
 Close up of the yarn

 Two more little eye pads again making it up as I went along. I like the one above because I have worked out how to attach the crochet to a pad with a flap the keeps the book closed.

 Using up scraps of yarn to make little brooches or pins.
Vicky is doing a little hexagons  crochet along blanket, the crochet group I belong to is also doing a CAL blanket so I though I would join in. Trouble is my free-form head took over so I am only crocheting along with me. The inspiration for this was the 400 balls of yarn that Graham bought and the CAL that the Barkham Hookers are doing. The free form bit is me thinking I wonder what would happen if you did..... Anyway even though it is not a conventional free-form I like the results so far. Though perhaps not as much as the usual free-form.


  1. What a lot of free-flowing ideas!!
    There's been a bit of discussion about the definition of free-form on one of the facebook groups fairly recently....
    I think I free-form and freestyle at times! Finding it tricky to count or stick to patterns for any length of time...itching to experiment as you describe!
    Love your mousehole of mices (and stray rabbit!) the eye-pads are fab...especially as you are perfecting the design each time.
    Beautiful blanket - so many fab stitches and colours - love it!
    What fabulous Portuguese yarn too - looks really fun texturally!
    Keep up the great free flowing ideas!
    Ali x

    1. Hello again. Thank you for your comments once again. I think you have solved the problem -this is free style not free form but I have stated another true free form - who can resist?