Monday, 2 February 2015

End of January CAL

Time for a quick update on my baby hexagons CAL.

I am on almost target still. (I know!  It's some kind of miracle)  I think it helps that they are so quick to make and I can fit one it while I break for a cuppa or as I start/finish work for the day.

I've finished my first coloured row of 16 reds and added a row of 15 neutrals.  As  you can see, I'm not worrying about the gauge of the yarn.  I'm using a 3.5mm hook for every motif but the yarns vary greatly and so does the size of some of the motifs.  I quite like the randomness and I'm embracing the chaos (within my design of course - he he!)

Next row of motifs will be orange.  My stash is all sorted by colour to make freeforming easy - this is my orange drawer.  Apologies for the mess :-)  I will dive in and pick my favs tomorrow.

Are you joining in?  It's not too late and it's a really great stash-buster if you have too much yarn or a way to use up odd ends that you can't bear to throw out.  Head over to Crochet Ali's blog for the pattern.

Victoria x


  1. Looking great Victoria! I'm all for random chaotic design!
    Awesome opulent orangeness!
    Looking forward to the next rows!
    Keep up the great work!
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali x It is really quite an addictive project.