Monday, 5 January 2015

Crochet covers, a Monet? In your Dreams

Every now and then I have an idea for a new note book cover, the idea then goes round in my head until I try it. This week ( very rare occurence) I had two ideas:

 My still life.It is mainly crochet flowers and leaves but there are a few buttons and beads.
 Then there is a valentines day gift of a heart
 on the sleeve of a book. The trouble is that sideways it looks like a pregnant heart.

Close up of the wooden buttons.

Then there was a customer who wanted another dream catcher, the result says something about me and my stash and is further proof that if left alone for any length of time things will turn pink.

 This is the completed piece - it is the photographer that leans!

 The rest are just details from the dream catcher.

I know it is hard to believe but nothing was specially bought it all came straight from tins, boxes,  drawers and cupboards in my house. I keep thinking it really is time to have a clear out and then I do something like this and realise that I need it all.

A few people have asked about sourcing piercing crochet hooks -Vicky thinks she bought them on Amazon.


  1. I love your Monet creation-very clever indeed-the sunflower is fabulous, a gardener's paradise and would be lovely in a frame.
    A tonic to see flowers in these Winter months, I miss them.
    Helen x

  2. Thank you so much - it won't be long now until we start to see snow drops and then blue bells

  3. We definitely need to keep all those buttons, ribbons etc for they all come in useful at some stage.

  4. By the way - just noticed the comment above - we have had a few snowdrops already; since before Christmas.

  5. You are certainly right about keeping things you just never know when those berries from the cracker decorations might be exactly what you need!
    You are lucky to have snowdrops I must go and see if we have any it really feels as if spring is on the way when the first snowdrop appears.