Thursday, 22 January 2015

Baby Hexagons CAL

Exciting news.  I am going to join  Crochet Ali with her yearly CAL.  If you haven't seen what she does pop over to her blog.  Over the last few years she's done 'A Granny-a-day', a flowery square and triangles to create beautiful blankets.  This year she is inspiring us to make a baby hexagon motif each day.

Now ... I have tried to join in before and I'm absolutely terrible at keeping up but this year I am determined to bust my stash down to virtually nothing (so that I have room to buy loads more yarn ... of course!) and this is the ideal project to make a dent in it all.

The pattern is here: BABY HEXAGON CAL

I've modified the pattern slightly for my hexagons (hope you don't mind, Ali).  I'm adding a final round:  1dc in each st and each space but 2dc in each corner.  This lets me join using my favourite whip stitch method and have a clean border.  I know Ali is a great advocate for join-as-you-go and her method will save you lots of sewing in ends and loads of time.

My design plans so far:  I'm not going to do a hexagon for every day.  I plan to do 22 rows of 16 motifs which is only 352 hexagons.  This will give me some leeway to be lazy ... I'm already behind :-(  but also gives a nice size blanket.

My stash is sorted by colour because I like to freeform and use it as if it were a paint pallette.  I'm going to use this to my advantage and pick a drawer at a time to create stripes.  I've started with reds.  I intend to alternate a colour with a neutral and, seeing as I've started with red, might make my colours into a rainbow ... we'll see.

Join me and challenge yourself to use up some of your scraps to make something beautiful?  I'll post progress ... irregularly probably... and would love to see yours.

These first photos were taken on day 8 when I was still on target.  It is day 22 now and I've got 18 motifs so far so some catching up to do this weekend.

Victoria x


  1. Great that you can join in and no problem adapting the pattern. Of course I dont mind that's what crochets all about!!