Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Successful Selling and Thank You

This will need to be quick. We have had two successful fairs in three days and have sold almost everything. So I am frantically making a few things for our final show - or at least I will be when I have done the commissions. But I am not complaining and want to say thank you and Happy Christmas to all the people who bought and ordered our makes. And to the people who organised the fairs.

This is the only covered note book left and it jingles!
These are/were very popular with boys of around 11 or 12. Only 2 left.
I have orders for more than 50 of these, to be used as favours after dinner parties. Although one lady said she was going to use them instead of Christmas crackers.
Me with my vital cup of coffee. This fair was in a sixth form centre in a school. That's why I have shelves with books behind me.
We borrowed Danny's tree for decorating so thanks Danny
tiny decorations -all gone!

A very kind person who not only bought the Christmas pudding hat but who consented to have his picture taken too. Thank you!

All gone but we are making more.
Back to work.


  1. Hi Lynn, Oh my days you have been so busy, totally delighted you are and have sold your lovely makes. The young chappie featured really suits his hat-how fab is that.
    Helen x

  2. You have no idea how much it helps to have support like yours so thank you too!

  3. How fabulous you sold out!
    However...your fingers must be fairly fatigued...hope they get some rest and relaxation soon...or maybe just a change of activity!!
    well done and hop all goes well for the next fair!
    Ali x

    1. Thank you too. You are right my fingers do get fatigued but somehow when you are doing something you love it doesn't feel so bad.