Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Still filling gaps in stock but I keep getting distracted - I am sure all crocheters have the same problem- the ooh I must try to make one of those or the I have just had another idea for a book cover etc.

 These are replenishing stock -sparkly granny square purses - I might be tempted to keep one for me.

 An experiment inspired by a walk in the woods - does it look like a pine cone even if the colour is wrong.
More tiny purses they definitely enhance a gift of money
More i-pods for the financially challenged.

Two tiny covered note books
 These were supposed to show the evolution of the penguin chocolate cosies, working from the front backwards. The trouble is that although final version looks friendly he does look a little bit vacant, while the first version looks evil but intelligent. I am going with the friendly but thick version I don't think you need an evil genius staring at you at the end of a dinner party.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

This is another book cover, it is amazingly pink. I am not really sure what inspired this. Could have been a nightmare, alcohol or may be a very high temperature. I do seem to have a remarkable amount of pink stuff in my stash - lets hope this one sells!


  1. Most definately an acorn....fab design...and lots of other brilliant pieces in your eclectic collection!
    The i-pods are a genius idea!
    I sorted my woolly collection last week and found a preponderance of pinks and purples, plenty of balls of other colours...but only one yellow! (useful for spring daffodils or beaks!)
    Looking forward to seeing more of your seasonal sweet safes!
    Ali x

  2. It's funny that - I am always short of yellow and orange yarn, buttons beads and even ribbon I wonder if it changes colour if you leave alone for a long time?

    1. ....aha - that's probably it!
      or could it be the pink painting pixies with their plentiful pots of permanent pretty pink paint?!

    2. possibly probably but only partly because some is purple puce paint.

  3. Hello, wonderful penguins, love the friendly version and they should be super popular with the new John Lewis advert, good timing there my friends. Who could resist a little penguin.
    Love the purses too.
    You did make me chuckle with your description of the pink notebook-I do like a splash of pink and it will appeal to pink lovers all year round.
    Have a productive week.

  4. thank you. Next very small show on Saturday fingers crossed