Saturday, 15 November 2014

Selling Crochet Today - in pictures only ... too tired to write

Almost everything - including the cheeky 50p sale box on the right

Chocolate orange cosies - adapted from our apple cosies.  Sold out!


Bells and baubles

Christmas tree table centres and some of mum's notebook covers

Chocolate covers - puddings, owls, bells, robins and penguins.  Excellent sellers.

Various haning ornaments

Wreathes and dream catchers.  We were lucky to have a notice board behind us and a bit of spare material to hide the posters.

A different angle and me having a cup of tea before the rush

Our best customer with two eyeball keyrings.  Mostly, he bought pink things for his girlfriend! 


  1. Hi both, your stall looks amazing. I love those bells.
    Enjoy a cuppa and feet up time.

    1. Thanks. We had a brilliant day. I am busy eating a choc orange myself by way of a reward :)

  2. You look like you were incredibly busy to the lead up to the fayre, some really lovely crafting on your table :)

    1. Thank you. We are obsessive. Would you believe most of it is the just mum's work? She's amazing. Hook of flame!

  3. Fabulous display! What a feast for the eyes...and fingers if in the locality!
    Another amazing idea - the choc orange cosies! No wonder they sold out!!
    Hope you have many more successful fairs!
    Ali x