Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lessons from the Wokingham fair and house pets.

The fair in Wokingham was very enjoyable although the publicity did not seem to have spread. This meant that , although there were lots of people about, they had not come out in spend mode. TIP: We did allright because we had lots of little things that people could afford to buy from loose change.
I enjoy meeting the people - well most of them! My  favourites were the Barkham Hookers who are making a huge picture using pixels made from tiny granny squares - we intend to contribute as the proceeds are going to the British Legion Poppy appeal. The other interesting encounter was the very elderly lady who went round the stall and bought about ten things which she blatantly admitted she was going to try to copy and sell up north.

The stall with Graham trying to hide in the background. It does have a jumble sale look because I didn't have Vicky to do the artistic stuff.
Foreground is the whirly thing with mostly Christmas decorations. They sold really well - surprise?
I like having the gazebo to hang things from
 TIP: Arranged like this people were a bit reluctant to come in until Graham used chalk to write 'come in' on the pavement! He'll probably be arrested any moment now/

The alsatian was so popular with one lady that I had to tactfully move it to stop her stroking the fur off.

Flowery brooches which were not very popular so
 I shan't make more of these for a while.

Our best money maker was definitely Persephone. We sold kits and patterns and even the pink pig.

Having been engaged in preparation I have neglected the house more than usual so I decided to attack the cobwebs. IF YOU ARE AN ARACHNAPHOBE LOOK AWAY NOW!
I found this in a dark corner of the hall and even when a giant with a camera came along she was going to stay with and try to protect her babies.

I must go and see if they have gone so that I can at last clean that corner!


  1. What a beautiful colourful and eclectic stall - something for everyone - including the blatant copiers (I suppose you should be flattered but......)
    Hope all your tips will be useful for the next fair! People certainly start early for Christmas!
    WOW huge spidery legged spider - there are so many creeping about at the mo - all shapes and sizes...and presumably you'll have a few more with those babies roaming around!
    Ali x

    1. You are right we should be flattered that she wanted to copy but I must confess to being ever so slightly annoyed. I hadn't thought about more spiders but to be honest I am not sure that there are any free web sites (sorry) in my house,

  2. Wonderful set up on your craft stall of loveliness and I agree with Ali above-eek so blatant with the copy cat person-umm difficult one.
    I did laugh about the spider....Friday night in my living room sharing a glass of wine with a friend, a huge house spider dropped onto the back of the sofa-it did literally thud!-bless my friend, she did not spill a drop-such a good girl ha ha.
    Enjoy your week, hope the sun shines.

  3. What a problem save the wine or run from the ravening man eating spider? No contest its the wine every time.