Saturday, 6 September 2014

Halloween beads, matching coat hangers, a purse and some spectacle crochet

Wales is truly amazing; lovely, almost empty, sandy beaches each with a different character. Tiny harbours and universally friendly people. I would recommend it to everyone but I really want to keep it to myself!

I have been thinking about Halloween and so I bought these skull beads, they are lovely and heavy, made from some kind of stone I think. As I have said before when I have new stuff I have to try it. This time it is in combination with a spring clip. I have also tried some tapestry crochet - not too bad for a first attempt.

I still can't get the spring clips right - the purse looks crimped any suggestions?

 You can now have hangers for your dress and your trousers in this matching rainbow effect.
Most recent hanger!

I have to wear glasses for close work and reading but not for anything else so I am constantly putting them down and losing them. I have been meaning to make myself a neck cord to keep my spectacles close to me and yesterday I found some of those little rubbery loops that go on the end of the cord. So ----

If you are like me you will do an image search when you start an unusual project (for me) like this. It was a mistake in this case - try searching for crochet lanyards.You can use them for glasses, identity cards, small purses, your E-cigarette and even your glass of wine to name but a few. So now I have another project!

When I started glasses cords some cases turned up in the search results so.....

Not an original idea but having seen a picture I had to try it. I am so pleased with the result that I am now planning a bigger one.
All of this weeks crochet is made in DMC Natura just cotton. The results are lovely and even and the range of colours is amazing but it does split a bit if you are not careful. I have come to like this cotton so much that I am forced to buy it whenever I see it - you know what I mean!


  1. Hey, so pleased you had a wonderful time in Wales. Loving the latest coat hanger, gorgeous colour and I do love a flower or too.
    I will put a crochet glasses cord on my list, I am always loosing mine for the very same reason.
    Good luck with your purse design, your knowledge is far more advanced than mine so no advice sorry.
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. If you need any rubbery bits to go on the end of your glasses cord try here ( ) it is the cheapest source if not get in touch and I will gladly send you some.

  3. Love grannys - they are so versatile!!
    Cool snap purse idea - and fab to try a new stitch along with it...though having no experience of either I have no solutions - perhaps it could be a design feature!
    Love the hangers too!
    Ali x

  4. I must remember the 'design feature' idea. Thanks again for your encouragement.