Friday, 26 September 2014

Free Nordic style Christmas bauble pattern

Not much new crocheting to share this week as I am still working my way through the box of 48 baubles that I got from ebay. So I thought I would share one of my patterns instead.

Christmas Bauble Pattern
You will need:
A 3mm hook     
scraps of 4ply white yarn and very small amounts of red 4ply –I used sparkly yarn
a tapestry needle.
a bauble of diameter approximately 5 to 6cm.
w = white
r = red

Pattern notes:
These baubles are made in two identical halves which are later crocheted together. It gives a neater finish if each colour is finished off before starting a new one. This means that there will be lots of loose ends so crochet them in as you go along if you can.
As you crochet always keep the right side facing you – if you can’t tell which is the right side then just keep the same side facing you each time you change colours.

The pattern (make 2)
1. Using w mc, ch3 to count as first tr. 10tr into ring  join with ss to top of 3ch. cut w and draw through loop on hook.    (11 trebles )

2. Join r between any pair of trebles, 2ch and 1htr into same place. (2htr between next  pair of tr) repeat 10 times. finish off red yarn   ( 22 htr )

3. Join w into back loop of any tr. 2ch then 1htr into back loop of each st to end join with a ss to top of 2ch.  (22 htr counting the first 2ch.) ( for neatness you could cut the yarn and rejoin )

4. still using w 1ch, ( using back loops only 1dc, 1dc, 2dc ) repeat to end join with a ss to 1ch. finish off white yarn. (28 dc  not counting first 1ch)

5. join r to any stitch 2ch, 1htr in same place ( ch1 miss one stitch 2htr in next stitch)repeat to end and join with ss. finish off r yarn. you should now have 14 or 15 pairs of htr it doesn’t matter which.

6. join w into thefirst  htr of any pair, 1ch 1dc in same place. ( work a treble into the row below 2dc in first htr of next pair of htr ) repeat to end join with a ss. The picture below might help!

7.  2ch, one htr in each stitch all the way round join with a ss. finish off white yarn.

8.  Join r in back loop of any stitch, 1ch, 1dc in the back loop of each stitch all round join with a ss

To join the two halves. (The pictures should explain -I hope)

Sew the two halves together, through one loop of each.

Leave a gap big enough to put the bauble in.

Put the bauble in and finish sewing up.

Please let me know if there are mistakes or things that are difficult to understand. Thank you



  1. Hello, hope you had a lovely weekend.
    Thank you for posting the instructions on the baubles, appreciated very much and I am looking forward to making them soon as....need to complete a few things on my 'to do' list first.
    They look fun to make.
    Thanks again x

    1. You are welcome and I really hope you enjoy making them. Please let me know if there are improvements I could make as I came late to writing patterns and I am not sure I am producing clear instructions. Thank you

  2. These are lovely! I have made a few & adapted the pattern to fit different sizes :)

  3. It is lovely to hear that you are using the pattern - am I the first to wish you Happy Christmas?

    1. LOL yes "bah humbug" as I don't "do" Christmas!! x