Sunday, 3 August 2014

Free Christmas gift for all our crochet friends - you can do bullions

Summer show over so start thinking about Christmas and some new things to add to the old favourites. Before that here is an early Christmas present.  We were asked so often how to do a bullion easily I thought I'd share my favourite method.

Bullions are an integral part of free-form and yet until recently I had avoided them because they were so difficult but then I discovered the drinking straw method and it is now almost as easy as a treble. Thank you bethintx1 - there is a video here showing this method.

1. cut a piece of drinking straw about the length of the shaft of the hook

2. cut along the length of the straw.

3. cut the corners off  and place the straw around the hook when you are ready to make bullions.

4. I am making a circle of bullions so I have made a magic circle and a chain about the length of the bullion I want to make.

5. make sure that the current stitch is around the straw and then wrap as many turns as you need around the straw - the picture shows 6 wraps

 6. put the hook into the ring, yarn over hook and pull a loop through, make sure that this loop is on the straw as well.
 7. yarn over hook and pull this loop through the centre of the straw.  You can use the slit in the straw to guide the 'nose' of your hook if need be.
8. Remove the straw and your bullion is complete.

Vicky managed to use a whole straw and a tunisian crochet hook to make a 100 wrap bullion. I think this must be a world record unless you know different.

TIP I have found that the straws from Macdonald's work the best - so here is a perfect excuse for some quick take away food.


  1. You'll never believe this but....
    yesterday I was struggling again with bullion stitches, having given up many times before,
    and very nearly left you a message to ask if you had any tips...
    so this is an extremely welcome post!
    Will be trying again very soon with the good old milkshake straw!
    Thank you!
    Ali x

    1. I am really glad it is so timely - not my original idea but really useful and honestly easy. Please let us see the results if you use it.

    2. Yay!! I did it! So easy with your fab instructions...thank you
      Ali x

  2. Ha will give that a go-been using the needle method but dangerously hold it in between my lips on the in-between stage, not something to encourage with someone as clumsy as me. Great tip, thank you.

  3. I really hope you do try it - I tried the needle method which did help a bit but this is much better -enjoy!