Thursday, 7 August 2014

First Christmas Ideas and a flash of genius

We really have started to think about Christmas and I wanted to do something a bit different so I raided the loft and actually found the Christmas decorations ( this is a miracle if you know my loft) and since then I have been trying to crochet around the ordinary plastic shiny baubles.

Isn't it pleasing to see baubles among osteospermum and passion flowers to say nothing of in the beach pebbles.

I will try to write a pattern for these soon.

The flash of genius?

I ran out of baubles and I couldn't face the loft again so I decided to make a granny square
advent calendar. The backing is made from super chunky yarn and it if fixed to a trouser hanger. I made the 24 granny squares first and then made the back fit. Each square has a fairly stiff felt lining which I sewed in place before attaching the squares to the backing.

As you can see I started to fill each little pocket with tiny little crochet things. I am particularly pleased with the jolly (drunk?) pixie. The angel has a mad miss Haversham look and somehow Santa seems hunched, cold and fed up. The others are a tiny tortoise, a miniscule owl, a small mouse and a fish.
Anyway then I had my flash of genius: why not make it an Advent calendar or Christmas present for crafters? You could fill each pocket with something essential or luxurious for a particular craft such as a packet of sewing needles, some special buttons a ball of yarn. Or you could put in a mix of things like the ones I am going to use;

And here they are in close up:

 3 large jingle bells and a ball of sparkly yarn
 Three different types of thread.
 Buttons and hooks
More buttons and a key ring finding
 Safety eyes  and some hair clip blanks
 a tape measure and a tiny purse clip
 A set of cat buttons and a set of snowman buttons.

Some small silver jingle bells and some stitch holders
 More buttons and some tassels
Brooch findings and hair combs

Some beads and some ribbon.

I know advent calendars should have numbers and I am still thinking about them - either felt cut with the dye cutter or I have some number beads coming. I am amazed that there are exactly 24 different things here although some might say there are rather too many buttons - but I don't think that that is possible.


  1. Many flashes of genius there I think!!
    Granny sqs perfect for pockets...and brilliant pocket pressies too!
    Love the baubles...and their summer staging....summer garden baubles should catch on too!! - or better still spring baubles, when the boughs are bare - as a hint of blooms to come?!
    .I'm already thinking about presents and decorations too - many of mine will be freeform this year!!
    Keep up the great work!
    Ali x

    1. What a good idea we are always looking for garden crochet - might try baubles and dream catchers together - what do you think?