Friday, 6 June 2014

Summer Flowers in Your Hair? Free Crochet Daisy Chain Pattern.

Vicky is changing the face book photograph practically every day in order to show all the things we can and have made. The hippy flowers for your hair seems to have hit the right note for the summer. Of course they can also be appliqued to things and tied round your summer hat. Anyway here is the pattern if you would like to try it.

The pattern is in UK terminology.  If you use US notation and would like to know how to 'translate' there is a really good chart on this page that should make it all clear:

Daisy Chains

You will need scraps of 4 ply yarn - I used cotton because it seemed in keeping with the hippy theme. For some flowers I used a 1cm diameter roman blind ring in the centre but this is not strictly necessary a magic circle will do. I also used a 3.00mm hook.
Flowers make 5
 Flower centre: For traditional daisies use a mustard yellow colour:
Either make a magic circle, ch1(does not count as a stitch) and then work 12 dc into the circle, join with a ss and fasten off
Or do the same with the plastic ring instead of the magic circle.            
 Petals: join the yarn you are going to use for the petals (white for a traditional daisy) to any of the dc of the flower centre.( 6ch, ss in the next dc.) repeat this all the way round until you run out of dc. Fasten off and weave in ends.This will give you approximately 12 petals. a few more or less won't matter.
 Leaves and Chain: Made in one piece.
1. 70ch, turn ss in second chain from the hook, then working along the chain dc,htr,2tr,htr,dc, ss. (one leaf complete.)
2. ch9 turn and repeat number 1 along this chain.
3. ss in the chain next to the base of the first leaf.
4. 25ch turn and repeat 1 and 2 to make a second pair of leaves.
5. Continue in this way until you have 6 pairs of leaves. Then 60 chain and fasten off.

 To make up: tie knots in the ends of the chain and cut off yarn ends.
Stitch the flowers between the leaves - you have to bend the chain round the edge of the ring as you sew or you will see the chain through the middle of the daisy.

Note if you want just one leaf on its own just leave out 2 and 3.
In the brick coloured chain I have sewn the daisies on top of the pairs of leaves.

Obviously you can make the chain as long as you like by increasing the number of daisies and the number of pairs of leaves.

You can also leave out the long chain at the start and finish if you don't want to tie it around your head!.

Once you get the hang of this why not experiment. This one has daisies and butterflies.

As usual with any of my patterns I would be very grateful if you tell me about mistakes and we are very happy to help - so please get in touch.
I once was seen wandering with flowers in my hair and bells round my neck, with floaty frocks and bare feet. It is very hard to imagine those days now but these chains go part way to taking me back to my youth!

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