Thursday, 26 June 2014

Inspiration B and Q and Free Braid Instructions

Last time I promised to tell you about tile spacers because I knew how interested you would be!!!Well it wasn't true because the thing I used was a plastic packer for jamming doors and windows in place.
There are three different colours which represent three different thicknesses. I have found them easier to use  for braid making if the prongs are shorter so the red ones I cut with scissors, the green ones I cut with a bread saw and I suspect I will need a hack saw for the black ones. I then filed the rough bits off and used a flame to melt/smooth the finished product.

We have long been searching for something to make small pom-poms with and when I saw these in B and Q who could resist ( 30 in a packet for less than £1.50). Then Mrs creativity or Vicky as I sometimes call her got hold of one and the rest is history. She worked out how to use them to make pretty braids much in the same way you would use your loom bands and then I spent some time developing her idea. First attempt too ambitious so a bit messy.

 The thing I keep forgetting is to leave a very long end at the start as this will form one of the ties.
It is easier when you start to use super chunky yarn, which gives a neater finish.

 The one below is Dk and it took all my concentration
to keep the colours in the right order.
I went to sports day yesterday and many of the older girls were wearing flowers in their hair so I have started this braid. It is not finished yet but I hope it gives a flavour of what is possible.


1.  Make a slip knot loop and put it on the left hand prong.

2.  Wind the yarn around the right hand prong, going through the gap around the front and then back through the gap.

3. Now wrap the yarn around the LH. prong, going around the front first, then around the back and back through the gap towards you.

4. Repeat 2 and 3 until you have three loops on each prong ( this time you also count the slip knot as a loop).

5. Use the hook to lift the bottom loop on the LH prong over the top of the other two loops. It is quite difficult to do this as you have to stop the other loops sliding off and hold the end of the yarn as well.

6. Now take the bottom loop on the RH prong over the top of the other two loops.

7.  Your work should now look like this.

8.  Wrap the yarn as before but first around the LH prong and then the RH prong to get back to three loops on each and now do 5 and 6 again.

9.  Just keep doing numbers 5 to 8 over and over again until your braid is as long as you want it.

10. To finish off when your work looks like number 7 don’t do any more wrapping, just lift the bottom loop over the top one on each prong so that you now only have one loop on each. Then put all the loops on one prong and lift the bottom one over the top one.  Slide the final loop off the prong, cut the yarn and then put it through the loop and pull tight.

NOTE: to make it easier you can do all of this with only two loops on each prong and just lift the bottom loop over the top loop each time.
When you get really clever you can make braids with three different colours or add some beads – use your creativity and imagination and have fun.
You can also use the prongy thing to make tiddly pom-poms!
Finally we are at the Hurst country Fair this weekend so come along and say hello. You can also try your hand at making braids, pom-poms or making a finger knitted bangle, so hope to see you there.


  1. What a fun craft project. Love it!

  2. Can you imagine wandering around B and Q looking for these things. I asked a man and he said well what do you want it for and I said crochet - he obviously thought I had a screw loose but I have had fun with it since. Thanks for your interest.

  3. How resourceful and totally on trend!
    Its great when you can find a new use for a completely different piece of kit!
    Ali x

  4. I look at things like this all the time. I am always asking myself can I crochet that, can I crochet round it and how could I incorporate it into my crochet. I suppose that makes me obsessive but it is harmless!