Thursday, 12 June 2014

Garden Crochet

Yesterday mum touched on my new campaign to take crochet into the outdoors.  I love yarn-bombing/yarn-storming when it is done well and I think there's a real place for lovely yarny things brightening our gardens.

Mum blogged about some of the things she is making at the moment in the last post.  I recommend going back and looking at her pictures ... but not 'til you've finished here of course! :)

So, let me introduce you to our outdoorsy crochet.  Some from the past and some currently for sale as patterns or finished objects.

Little hanging baskets made from bright t-shirt yarn hanging on a trellis.  I filled them with strawberry and tomato plants.  Can you see the two little crochet bird friends keeping watch?

Flower pot covers.
 Again in T-Shirt yarn.  Mum turned some of these into bigger hanging baskets.

Pretty, aren't they?  Particularly if you match your pot colour with your flowers.  They make a real feature.
T shirt yarn is so lovely and stretchy and versatile.  The bright colours really cheer up the garden corners that belong to children. My boys have a giant t shirt yarn crochet net to keep their foot balls in. It is like an enormous crochet shopping bag that hangs on the fence in the back garden. Dead quick to make - less than an hour with a giant hook.  I must write up the pattern to share.  If you have children you need one!

These are my favourites!  We sell loads of them every year in many different colours.

Tiny (although bigger than life-size) woolly bumble bees. With shiny stingers and antennae.
I don't know if you can see clearly but I have a whole swarm in the bush in my front garden.  We sell the bees and the pattern in our Etsy shop.

If you're really brave ... what about a nest of spiders crawling on your decking?  
It is my ambition to fill my front garden with little animals.  I'd like chickens on the lawn, a cat by the door, crochet hanging baskets full of crochet flowers, slugs and snails and frogs and hedgehogs and ... everything!  My only problem is that things don't last long in the English weather.  They go soggy and colours fade.  I need to find a good way of water-proofing.  I've a feeling this project may take me a while.

Victoria x


  1. What a wonderful project, I love your outdoor crochet bugs, pots and flowers, they made me smile-a garden should always make be a happy place. You inspired so I made a big daisy and 3 little daisy sticks just from what I had in my stash, so much fun and I love them, thank you.

    1. I'm so pleased you felt inspired. I'd love to see what you made. You've reminded me that I need to refill a hanging basket with crochet flowers - it is a few years old and looks weather-worn. Flowers are one of my fav things to crochet too :) Thanks for reading and commenting.