Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Decorate your garden with crochet?

I was trying to think of fathers day ideas when I remembered Vicky's idea to make decorations for the garden so:

 The Row markers for pot plants or the allotment maybe have changed a bit? Daisy, butterfly, cabbage, carrot pea pods and a bee. I am particularly pleased with the little pea pods with tiny peas.

I had made these rather gruesome spiders already..........

........ and I had been talking about Dorset buttons. This is a combination of the two. I found a much bigger ring and used the same ideas as in the previous post, to make a web.

Very slight adjustments to the spider body and the addition of wings makes these jewels of the garden.

This is my favourite. Somehow the eyes are just right.

We have got lots of other garden ideas which I have already shared - such as bees and dragon flies.
I am now going to make some bunting with flowers like this: Pattern here

It is for those of you ( like me who) have a less than green finger. You can tie it to flowerless plants and make them look pretty.
But if you get really desperate how about this?


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