Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Crochet hats, some buttons and beads and CE marking.

Apart from the usual things there are three things in my head: The Hurst Show which is two days long and I am not sure we have enough stock. The Fibre East Show which is a new venture for us and we are making supplies and patterns for crafters. The other thing is CE marking our toys or we cannot sell them at Hurst which means we will have even less stock. So far we have read millions of gobbledy gook lawyer speak documents and looked at about the same number of blogs - there is a great deal of angst out there. The conformance kit does make it easier to understand get in touch if you want more details about this.

On to lighter matters:
First replenishing stock for Hurst which is our next fair. Last time we went it was very hot so I thought cotton sun hats were a good idea?     So this time it will probably be freezing - no problem we have some crochet blankets!

Then I noticed that hair bands were selling well on line so ..........

 Crochet has enough stretch in it to make these suitable for most heads. I should say the ones on line have  flower which is plastic and bigger than a childs head. These are in much better taste. This is crochet for when there is something really gripping on the telly - very easy and requires no mind.

Supplies for Fibre East:

These become these packets for free form knitting or crochet.

The buttons are 25g and the beads are 20g. It is surprisingly time consuming, especially since we am trying to include a variety of colours, textures and sizes in each pack. I was really pleased to come across some smaller packets of mixed beads today on sale for £3.99 ours won't be so expensive!

And finally CE marking:
Our first piece of apparatus:

This will form a vital part of the tension test which must be performed on all toys. There are so many tests to perform that I am going to make a creature that contains all of the materials that we use in making our toys and I am going to perform all of the tests on it. I will share it when it is finished but what I am wondering is should I do the wash test before the flammability test because I think a wet creature should pass the flammability test with flying colours!
Seriously though we are happy to share any ideas and data because we think it would be very sad if all those unique, beautiful and quirky toys that our fellow crafters make, should disappear.

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