Thursday, 1 May 2014

Crochet logo, rainbows and tablet covers again

Less than a week to the next fair at Wokingham -May fair on the 5th. If any of you are passing please say hello. We will be the ones with the banner saying String Theory Crochet - surprise. Our stall is by the steps near Argos and near two coffee shops -hooray.
Anyway as you can imagine I have been making a few bits for the fair and finding all the things we use to dress the stall. Most were put away in the loft to make room for Christmas and I am still looking for them! You really would't believe the state of our attic.
These are what I have been making -

These are a few tablet cases which seem very popular at the moment -  I use mine all the time, in fact my Nexus is the model for the photograph above. The trouble is they are all different sizes so in a previous blog I explained how to make a cosy for any size of tablet. All except the yellow one are made with super chunky tarn and a 4mm hook to give a firm fabric and lots of padding. The yellow one is dk but I have lined it so the tablet is safe.

Once again Vicky put this idea in my head - I had been thinking for some time that we needed a 3D version of our logo and she said she was going to have a go at making one, so I thought I could help out by making one for her. Then I started to wonder should it have a mouth? Is the hair right? Should I have given it a basket, should it have a name (suggestion from someone was Needle and Fred ). So think of this as the prototype.
I have used the birth of a new member of the team to do some more photography experiments:

Surrounded by tubes of rainbow yarn which we are now selling for scumbling and making the motifs for the throw/scarf that I shared in a previous blog. The pattern will appar soon.

Piles of yarn?

Surrounded by rainbows?

My computer is once again causing me much pain so I will have to publish the pattern for the motif in the next posting. I think the machine is suffering from old age and lack of memory . Very much like its owner!

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