Thursday, 8 May 2014

A Successful Day

We had a very successful day at the Wokingham May Fair but very tiring in fact we are still recovering.  
Best of all we met some really lovely people who were complimentary about our work and some who were as mad about crochet as we are.

Now I know there are sayings about bad workmen blaming their tools but I am trying to do this on Graham's laptop so please forgive any glaring errors. My own machine has absolutely no display so I can't even access the motif pattern that I promised.

At the fair we sold all sorts of things but the oddest was purchased by a little girl who wanted to buy one of these. They are baked bean cans which we made to display crochet hooks. I felt I couldn't sell her the can because it might be dangerous so she took just the covering with a view to finding a jam jar to cover herself
I made these using a 3.5mm hook and double knitting.

40 chain is about right to go round the tin. then two rows of trebles in each colour. When the piece is long enough the last row is (2dc then dc2 together) all the way to the end of the row and fasten off. Stitch the red row together then add a bead to every other row as shown in the picture. Now put the cover on the can and stitch the blue row together and use the beads to button the cover down the front.

 Made for a child because we sold several last Monday. I used dk cotton . It has a rolled brim which can be worn up or down.

I decided these were not good photographs so I went off to find a stand and while I was away this happened:

Vicky's lunatic brother trying to get his head in a very small hat. The following are much better I think:

 Although perhaps I should have brushed her hair.
Of course all this got me thinking about hats. So here is my hat parade -get it?

Yoda is my absolute favourite and it doesn't really matter how often I block his ears they always revert to sad and depressed mode. Anyway our next fair is at Hurst on the 28th and 29th of June. We will be having a hat sale with many of out winter hats at reduced prices.

One more head related thing and it is these that Vicky made:

Lovely crowns and tiaras suitable for any queens and princesses that may need them.

One of the things that seems to sell well are these packets of buttons - please notice the continuing rainbow theme.

 Havn't got any indigo or violet so I have improvised!
They do come in all shapes and colours though.

And finally another of those signs that I am aging rapidly. I wanted some safety eyes to make the logo with. So I ordered some, then I forgot I ordered them and made some out of felt. But the real problem is that while I was on the site ordering the black and white eyes I ordered a few more!

Do you think I might have over done it?

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