Thursday, 24 April 2014

Using up scraps of yarn

In the last blog I was explaining a new discovery ( for me ) of how to join motifs together without all the sewing up. So this week, with my green hat on, I have been practising the technique by using up tiny bits of wool . The yarn I have used for this project is all acrylic, double knitting and the amount of each was somewhere between 4 and 4.5 grams. I have noticed that not all dk is the same thickness but this project seems to absorb these differences without distorting.

I have only used about 140g of yarn and I am astounded by how far it goes. 
This scarf/shawl is already 130cm long and about 28cm wide.

These are the tiny amounts of yarn I have used.

Of course if you use little balls of yarn eventually you get left with really small ends ( some less than 30cm long) so I just tied them together and crocheted a circle.

 I havn't decided yet if it will be a purse, a hat, a cushion or a table cover! It just depends on how many short ends Vicky and I can generate.
So give the amount of crochet and knitting we do I guess it could end up being a jumper for a blue whale!

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