Thursday, 6 March 2014

Improving Photographs and a Menagerie of Crochet Creatures.

Lovely walk yesterday, I was inspired by the flowers particularly the daffodils so I came home and made these brooches or pins I think they are called these days. Then I thought they might be a good idea for Saint Davids day only to find it was on March the first. Still they are fresh and spring like.

 One of the things I have been trying to do lately is improve my photographs. I asked Ben (one of my grandsons) how I should photograph the Easter eggs and he said they needed a chicken. So here are the eggs with their mother who has been rather rushed because I didn't really have enough of this yarn and I find that as you run out of yarn you crochet faster. That way you get to the end of the project before you get to the end of the yarn - yes I know it is not logical. She has no wings and a flat bottom but she is only a photographic prop.

On the same theme I found a way of making the buttons look better by stealing one of Grahams geological specimens. I think it improves things slightly.

The second part of the day was a visit to the dentist not inspiring at all! Although when she was drilling in an attempt to send my  mind elsewhere I was planning how to extend the pattern I am trying to write at the moment. The pattern is for the mice that I often make in various sizes but slightly bigger than usual. and I am trying to write it so everyone can make them.

These are the mice in the nest belonging to the chicken.
This is the improve your photographic technique attempt and he is my favourite mouse.

From the side you can see the tail that is made from all the ends you would normally have to weave in - clever eh?

The china rose is not such a good idea. These are what I thought up while at the dentist. They use the mouse pattern body and in case you don't recognise them they are a baby seal, a mole and a hedgehog.

He is so cute ( yes I did use the c word) I had to show you another picture.
 This pattern will be available as part of a kit to make at least 5 mice later in the month.

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