Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Freeform. Scumble or Scrumble Crochet or Where's Granny

I have a new addiction - free form. It suits my personality because I can make small motifs and shapes and it panders to my love of colour. For those new to crochet you can make any shapes and the edges don't even have to be straight, for those who have been crocheting for a long time, you will no doubt have a box full of bits you have made to try out a new technique or projects you have abandoned ( telling yourself you would get back to it later) now you can use them. Vicky even showed me a dress designer who is using these ideas in their latest fashion collection. So for the first time in my life I am on trend?

This is the lopsided owl made from lots of motifs sewn together. This is the scumble technique but I have now added him to a clip board. I found a clip board made from fairly stiff but not too thick plastic. Then using my trusty bead awl (any sharp pointed object would do), I made holes all round the edge of the plastic. Then having made a mesh roughly the shape of the board, I stitched it on using the holes. I could have made my life easier by using a clip board without the internal pocket but then I like a  challenge ( like getting this word to line up with the rest of the text)!!!!

It has taken me several days to complete this post because my computer has been used for other things like writing a best mans speech, but this is where I had got to with my latest project when I started the blog. You will see at the end that I have done a bit more since then.

This patch was made mostly, using motifs I had already with some added bits that I crocheted as I needed them to fill in gaps. Can you spot the tiny granny square?

I am not so happy with this one but I can't really explain why, possible because I needed some yellows at the red end of the spectrum ( does that make any sense?). There is also a granny square here. This is turning into wheres granny!

This is my favourite, lots of experiments resulting in a lovely three dimensional finish. I like the colours too.
This one is not attached yet but it was made after Vicky introduced me to the work of Prudence Mapstone. She has published booklets on how to do bullions and spirals and she is an absolute master of free form.

Finally here is th latest version with a blue patch added. You can certainly see that the yellow bit doesn't have the depth of the rest of the project. I think I will try adding some more surface decoration.

The blue bit didn't take long because I had most of the motifs already stashed away. The spiral on the extreme right has little dark iridescent beads sewn all round the dark part - an effect I am really pleased with.

Some things I have discovered: it might seem like a good idea to leave long ends for sewing up later but they really get in the way when you are trying to arrange the motifs before sewing them together. So weave in the ends as you go. Thing two is how useful a large cork board is for pinning the motifs in place so you can look at the effect before finally stitching them together. I have used map pins for this as drawing pins are not really long enough but if you are working on your knees do be careful not to end up as part of the project as the pins can go right through the board and into your leg - believe me I know.

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