Thursday, 13 March 2014

Easter Baskets Free Pattern!

This is a popular little pattern I wrote for a yarn company some time ago.   I thought I'd dig it out as a freebie for Easter.  These baskets look brilliant filled with chocolate eggs - especially if you crochet some pretty flowers to decorate them too.

Small Print:  Feel free to use the pattern ... and sell what you make from it if you like. I am happy for you to publish links to this pattern and this blog.  If you'd like to publish the pattern or the picture  you will need to contact me to ask permission and let me know where it will be published in advance - it's just polite.  Thanks.   

Little Basket - A very easy pattern

I use an 8mm hook but you may need move up to a larger size if your work is too solid or stiff.

You will need less than 1 cone/ball (approx. 50 -55m) of T-shirt yarn in a colour of your choice.  

In order to complete this project you will need to know how to create the following stitches.  

Chain stitch (ch)

Double crochet (dc)

Slip stitch (sl st)

Magic Circle or Magic Loop (MC)

This pattern is written with UK stitch notation.

The Base

1.      Start with EITHER 4 ch joined with a sl st to form a ring OR a MC

2.      Round 1:  1ch, 8dc into MC or ring, join with sl st to first st
3.      Round 2:  1ch, 2dc in each st around, join with sl st (16sts)

4.      Round 3:  1ch, [1dc in first st, 2dc in next] repeat around, join with sl st (24st)
5.      Round 4:  1ch, [2dc in 1st stitch, 1dc in next, 1dc in next] repeat around, join with sl st                       (32st)
6       Round 5:  1ch, [1dc in first, 1dc in second, 1dc in third, 2dc in fourth] repeat around,                         join with sl st (40 sts)

The Sides

7.     Round 6:   1ch, 1dc in the back loop of each st around, join to first st with sl st 

                 Stop working in the back loop and work in the whole stitch from this point 

8.     Round 7:   2ch, [Miss 1 st, dc in next st, ch 1] repeat around, join with sl st

9.     Round 8:   slip into the first chain space, ch2, [1dc into next chain space, 1ch, miss 1dc]                       repeat around, join with sl st

10.   Repeat round 8 until the basket is a depth you like.  I make 3 more rounds after this.

The Handle

11.      Ch 20
12.      Count 9 ch sp around top edge of basket and join with a sl st into the 10th
13.      1dc into next ch sp along edge of basket
14.      24 dc around the handle chain and join to the opposite edge of the basket with a sl st
15.      Sl st in the ch sp where your handle meets the edge of the basket again.  (The handle is        complete and you can cut your yarn and finish here if you like.  I like to balance my              handle as described in step 16. )    
16.      1ch to pass the handle, 1dc in the ch sp where the handle started
17.      Crochet along the handle making 1dc between each of the dc made in step 14 but on the      opposite side of the handle.

7.      Join with a sl st to the ch sp at the edge of the basket
8.      Finish off by cutting yarn and sewing in the tail end securely. Don’t forget to sew in the        beginning tail end very firmly too.


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