Monday, 17 March 2014

Birds, Crochet Bunny Basket and Chicks

This is another of my Christmas presents, from Matthew this time.

This is my bird tree, apart from seeds and nuts the orange thing is a crochet bag full of some of the bits of yarn that I have cut off in the last few weeks. I can't remember where I got the idea but I have done this for a few years now and the birds seem to love it for there nests. I keep imagining the nests lined with red acrylic, yellow cotton and purple wool - very cosy even if the colour scheme leaves a lot to be desired!

I sometimes think that Vicky and I share some kind of mind link. While she was putting the pattern together for her Easter baskets I was doing almost the same on a much smaller scale.

The first two pictures are me trying to make the photographs look better by means of a small clump of primroses and a wall. Not as successful as it could have been because the primroses are much prettier than the baskets. The third picture shows how the baskets evolved as I tried to get the face right. By the time I got to the white one they had stopped looking like an elderly man without his teeth so I decided to branch out and try a chick. I need to do something about the chicks beak so there will probably be another one of these next time.

 These are the best so far.
This was my plan all along. To make them just the right size for eggs. My particular favourite are the mini eggs but they have somehow disappeared - can't imagine how!

Then I thought what about a grown up version for a tiny Easter gift or the 'ring' or something. So here are some ideas.

With primrose brooch.

With violets brooch

With a tiny red flower which could be exchanged for a heart or a butterfly.

As usual I have a million ideas but not enough time to implement them all. I will publish the pattern for the bunny baskets next time.
It has just occurred to me that there is something a little strange about a chick carrying eggs - aren't they his brothers and sisters?

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