Friday, 14 March 2014

Adaptable Pattern for Tablet Cover One Pattern Fits All.

It is a funny thing the way life goes in circles. We have lived in the same house since Vicky and Matthew were very small and I can remember putting them both into a huge, heavy coach built pram and walking down to the village. There I did the weeks shopping and put this onto the pram and then cheerfully pushed the whole load back up the hill (about a mile perhaps more) . Then came work and going everywhere by car. Now I am retired I need the exercise so today I thought I would walk down to the village to post a parcel but as I came home I found myself thinking I am glad it is just me I have to get up this hill. Still enough about what we have to do and more about what we want to do

Graham bought me a nexus tablet for Christmas and a shop bought stiff cover with . I believe I have said before that once the tablet is in this stiff cover it is really hard to turn it on and to get it out of it's protection to take photographs. So I made myself a cover from really chunky yarn. I was going to write the pattern but it suddenly occurred to me that these tablets and readers are all different sizes, so I have been trying to make an adaptable pattern that is easy for anyone to use. See what you think:

Materials: For my tablet cover I used 50g of some really chunky yarn so that you get a nice thick fabric to protect the device. A small amount of a contrasting colour and two buttons. I used a 5.5mm hook but you can use whatever suits the yarn that you have.

Make a chain as long as your tablet.
Row 1: dc in second chain from the hook and a dc in each chain all the way across.
All the other rows: ch1 dc in each stitch.

Keep going until your work is twice the width of your device.

Change colours {1ch dc in each stitch as before}  repeat this row 7 times more.

Break off the second colour and rejoin the first. The next row forms the button holes. You can have one in the middle or two closer to each edge. For two button hol;es 1ch 1 dc in next 5 stitches ch 2 miss 2dc then 1dc in each stitch until you have 7 stitches left, 2ch miss 2 stitches and then 1dc in the last 5 stitches. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

Fold the work as shown with right sides together and over sew the sides. Turn the work so it is right side out.

I have put the hook and scissors into the part that will contain the tablet so that you can see what happens next.

Fold the flap (grey bit) backwards away from the scissors and oversew it to the red part.

This shows the other side when the flap is in the right position to sew.
 Then turn the flap inside out  so that it covers part of the red bit.
Position and sew on the buttons.

This is what the finished case looks like.

Or with one button, using trebles and variegated yarn

I know this is a very simple pattern but it  set me wondering if I can do this for more things. Then I realised that most patterns do this for different size clothes. The difference is that this one can be made to fit anything not just a few sizes - you could make a small version for your phone or a big version for your laptop. The other thing is you don't have to worry about tension . You could also make it so that it closes along a short edge.
Please look at what Vicky has said in the last blog about the conditions for using this pattern.
I am off to do the hoovering do you think that will be enough exercising for one day?

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