Thursday, 13 February 2014

Pretty Crochet for Your Head and a Lovely Dog

I have three different uncompleted crochet projects on the go and yet I have been distracted by my new discovery.

I showed them to Vicky at the weekend and she suggested that I try crocheting on them directly.


I was quite disappointed with these until I tried them on the HEAD. Here they look quite pretty If you did them in white or pale pink they might make pretty head dresses for brides maids.

So then my mind started to wander and I made the white flower with the pearls at its centre - for the bride maybe? Then some more flowers in cotton with a pretty wooden button.These flowers are sewn on to the comb and I also need to tell you that the HEAD is about half normal human size so these are not as huge as they may appear.

My next idea was to use two or three of Vickys' tiny cotton flowers but they didn't fit very well so this is what happened: They are sewn on to a plain metal head band.

It wasn't all hair accessories:
Another dog but the inspiration was Vicky and families new puppy. Isn't he gorgeous? Notice the crochet rug in the second picture - good idea for a dog blanket?

 I would have made my dog all black too but I find it really difficult to crochet in black unless I am in full day light and there has been precious little of that recently. We hope you are all safe after the                                                                 ridiculous weather.
                                                     Lynn and Vicky

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