Friday, 7 February 2014

Portugal is Nearly as Amazing as Crochet

Graham and I have had a brilliant two weeks of walking on the beach, collecting shells and drinking good cheap wine in the sunshine. In case you were wondering the really big waves were the week before we arrived I am sorry I missed them - would have been out there surfing ( well maybe not).

The beach was covered in the most amazing shells, this mother of pearl came in colours varying from black to purple, to pink and yellow and the purest white. I could have brought home sacks full and I kept looking at it with my crafters eye thinking if I lived here I would make.......

I did take some crocheting - of course - and made this little hat of soft bamboo yarn.

More shells for artistic effect NOT! The people of the continent seem to be even more into knitting and crochet than we are - we saw German and French ladies outside their Winebagos or camper vans knitting socks while they sunbathed - for knitting substitute crocheting and that's what I call a proper life. We also found yarn and crochet hooks for sale in the ironmongers. It was really cheap - less than 80p for a 50g ball. The first yarn I bought was converted into a cover for my tablet -I have a proper shop bought cover but it is difficult to get the tablet out quickly if you want to take photographs. Here is the one I made and its descendent with a slightly better way of closing it. I am intending to develop this design as a kit suitable for beginners.

We then got very brave and took the bus into a bigger town where I found lots of yarn in a shop selling sheets and towels etc.
I really wish I had bought more yarn in this shop because they were selling lovely chunky cotton yarn in 100g hanks for around £1.50 a ball and it was obviously meant for crocheting.

I am glad I can crochet because it meant we could carry plenty of wine in my new string bag which was made from the chunky cotton  as was the greenish hat.

I have kept the bands from the Portuguese yarn in the hope I can find
more on line but I will let you know.

I am sorry if my holiday snaps are a bit unusual but I really hope it is not as painful to look at these as it would be to look at millions of the, 'this is me on the beach and this is me further along the beach, this is me sitting on the beach', variety.

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