Monday, 24 February 2014

Do You Scumble, a Pig and an Elephant

Vicky reminded me about scumble (also know as Freeform) the other day, So I looked around and as usual found lots of examples in our collection. It is a really good idea for using up small amounts of yarn. Just add a few buttons and beads and maybe ribbon and voila or hey presto or something.

This was made by Vicky and became our order book

This was my very first attempt, using lots of different motifs and then assembling them like a jig saw puzzle.

Some time ago we started to sell bags of small balls of toning yarn, so I thought I would find out how much you could make with one bag and here is the result.
 Another of Vicky's creations a truly beautiful cushion - sadly (or maybe gladly) we have sold this one.

Once I started making small motifs I decided to try to assemble something that is representative rather than
an artistic piece.

 Try not to compare my work and Vicky's. This is what she has done using exactly the same techniques and is one of a series based on fairy tales. I suppose what you are seeing is the difference between the artistic (Vicky) and the scientific (me) mind. It is truly amazing that crochet lends itself to both.

Again you can see how the small motifs have got to me - lovely little ducks used to decorate this cotton sun hat.

Finally, I was browsing through my Simply crochet magazines and...............

I have made the elephant before - exactly right for small hands. The pig is filled with granules and has a good solid feel to it.
However, is it only me that thinks they both look as if they are on something illicit (it is not the fault of the pattern, I didn't have the right size eyes for either of them)?

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