Friday, 10 January 2014

Crochet coincidence, creatures and eyeballs.

I have been having more problems with my computer, except it turns out that lots of people have the same difficulty so I found advice on line and I am now back.
There are some gifts that you didn't know you wanted until you have one and then they become indispensible. My glue gun is one such present and I couldn't have made these without it.

 The picture above is of two hair slides made with Vicky's cotton flowers and some buttons I bought on ebay. It is pure coincidence that the colours match so well.

I have been trying to think of ways of encouraging small people to put away their hair stuff so that they don't get lost so I made a tiny purse to match the butterfly hair pins. It is really just an excuse to use the yarn that Vicky gave me to try. It is 60% alpaca, 40% cotton, it is called Serena and is hand dyed in Uruguay. It is amazing to use and I highly recommend it for crochet. Also isn't it amazing what changing the background colour does to a photograph?

I have also been making more 'cute ' creatures for the various fairs we will be going to in the spring.

A pink horse with a silver bridle! This is made using a free pattern that I found on line. It is called a Horse for the Barnyard Collection but I have no name to attribute it to. So thank you whoever you are it is a lovely and easy to follow pattern. This is my favourite make of the week. It is supposed to be a corgi but the ears are a bit big. I love him anyway!
Made from one of the patterns in the 'Ami Ami Dogs' book by Mitsuki Hoshi. I like thse patterns so much that I have ordered the second book by the same designer.

Graham has been plying thin wool again so I used the result to make this strawberry beany - sounds awful- I have this vision of strawberries served with baked beans. But you could use any beany pattern to make this and just add a stalk and some yellow buttons. The buttons that I used are heart shaped and sewn on upside down -I hope they are not like horse shoes!

Finally this week I made some more of our ever popular eyeballs, which can be attached to things by means of a lobster claw clip.The amazing thing about them is that they change character when you turn them upside down or squeeze the sides.

Inspite of appearances I don't crochet day and night ( I wouldn't mind if I did ); Graham and I went to the seaside yesterday. Practically no one on the beach and a glorious day. We had a long walk and did some beach combing as we walked (really interesting after the storms) and then had a nice  meal before coming home. Retirement is amazing!!!!

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