Monday, 20 January 2014

Crochet Butterfly Hair Clips - The Pattern

I have decided to write the whole pattern again rather than trying to cut and paste from pdf or word documents. So here are the butterflies - I hope.

Butterfly Hair Clip Pattern.
You will need some short lengths of yarn in the colour you want for your butterfly wings and about a metre of black or brown for the body ( for the biologists among you that is abdomen, thorax and head!)For the purposes of the demonstration I have used stranded embroidery thread and a 2.5mm hook but you can use any type of yarn and a hook that matches.

You will also need blank hair clips, a little piece of felt and access to a glue gun or the equivalent.. Two different types of hair clip are shown in pictures 1 and 2.
Picture 1

Picture 2

1  Make a magic circle *(2ch, 2tr, 2ch, ss ) all in the magic circle*

2  Repeat from* to * once as shown below.

3  (3ch, 3hdtr, 3ch, ss) in the ring twice
4. Fasten off and tighten the magic circle to leave a small hole in the centre. Weave in or tie off ends.

5. To make the body it is best to use black or brown thread. I have used yellow so that it shows up against the dark background. Thread a yarn needle with about half a metre (18 inches) of thread. Pass the needle through the hole in the centre leaving a long end, which will form the head and the antennae later. Pass the thread between the small wings and back through the hole in the same direction as at the start. Do this about three times.

6. Pass the thread between the bigger wings and back through the hole about three times

7. Tie the two ends of the thread several times (this forms the head).

8. Tie little knots in each antenna and cut to length.

I have found that one skein of embroidery thread will make about 5 little butterflies. You can use them for all sorts of decoration and embellishment but if you want to make hair clips:
 9. Glue a small piece of felt to the clip ( this is shown in pictures 1 and 2). When this dries, glue the butterfly to the felt. They can be glued either parallel to the clip or at an angle.

If you don't have the necessary equipment, these will be available in kit form soon. The kits will include all you need to make 4 clips (except the glue) and the pattern will include how to make the little flowers shown here.

This may be my last blog for some time as Graham and I are going to Portugal for two weeks. It has to be possible to getaway from the rain somehow!

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