Wednesday, 15 January 2014

An unusual cake, a shawl, some crochet skulls and a small head.

I don't think I ever shared my Christmas cake (it was too yummy to share actually). Ben and Danny, with a little help, iced it for me. I really love the slice placed on top because Ben doesn't like marzipan, it is an idea that could be adopted nation wide. Mind you I think people who don't like marzipan are mad! I was just thinking my mum used to make Christmas puddings and keep them for years, she would then slice off any mould and boil them for several hours before giving them to us and they were puddings to die for but we didn't. I suppose home made things don't have a use by date.

I have finished the giant doily- it is really a shawl or a scarf- but I am still struggling to show the colours in the yarn that is why there are so many pictures.

If you recall this is a pattern from this months 'Inside Crochet ' magazine and although it looks complicated it only uses chains, slip stitches, double and treble crochet so it could be made by a beginner. It could also be used to make  Halloween spiders web perhaps?

Vicky has so many commissions and orders that I have been trying to help out by making these skulls.

As usual I havn't pressed them yet so they look a bit wonky. They are made from non-mercerised cotton and these are about 5.5 cm from top to bottom. Vicky wrote the pattern that includes two other sizes to make.

When we revealed the hair clips several people asked for a pattern so  I too have been trying to write a pattern for the tiny butterfly hair clips, not quite ready yet but watch this space. We are also planning 'make your own hair clip' kits. So just to remind you what they look like, I would like to introduce you to my latest charity shop find:

I don't want you to think that these are enormous clips that will make it hard to hold up your head, it is just a small version of the girls world head and it makes the clips look bigger!!
I hope the pattern will be ready for the next blog.

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