Thursday, 12 December 2013

Home Sweet Crochet?

This week I have started and as usual, almost finished, a project that I had shelved due to the Cristmas rush.

As you can tell it is not quite finihed as the fringe is a bit tangled and not properly trimmed. The trouble is I left it on the dining room table to finish and Graham came along and put it around the dangling bare bulb! It is made on the skeleton of an old lamp shade using string and two different cotton yarns. It is a bit rough and ready but I think I could do a better job next time so it is not entirely wasted. The point is as I was doing it I was reminded of all the crochet things around the house so armed with my trusty camera I have taken pictures so that I can share the ideas.
The surface crochet wall hanging in the bedroom. This again was my first attempt so it is a bit wobbly but I am very attached to it. In the same bedroom is this pot plant which has the advantage that you can't kill it.

A tatty old bath mat -I have three of these and another one as a bedside mat all made from t-shirt yarn,

A cushion by Vicky and my precious mothers day card:

A present from Vicky to keep my yarn tidy and in one place.

And a much loved and very worn old dragon draght excluder.

There is alot more crochet around the house but you can have too much of a good thing so something different.
This yarn has been shouting at me since I bought it so  thought I would try it.

Without any planning this is what happened. What is it? Does it show I havs lady smurfs on my brain? Am I losing it entirely?

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