Monday, 30 December 2013

Crochet Container Conversions, a Sumo Baby, Hair Clips and Hearts.

Another lovely day yesterday. It was Ben's birthday so I spent some time in another dimension with Danny looking at the purple skies and the green sun and meeting aliens who did not need to eat or drink ( I wouldn't like that on either count). I then spent some more time on a magic carpet as Ben and I visited Australia, the North pole and the seaside. It is truly amazing what you can fit into one day if you have an imagination.
I told you that I had a new thing rattling round my head. It is the reason I did not do any more with the flower buttons. You are also welcome to this idea that I am calling container conversion. What can you do with an old chinese food container like this?

You could make a crib like this:

Then add a little pillow

Followed by a granny square cover

All is going so well and I am really pleased with the result but as usual I went a step too far and tried to make a baby to go in the crib.

It doesn't look too bad covered like this, but uncovered it looks like a sumo wrestler

And Matthew ( Vicky's brother ) says you shouldn't put a baby in a food container. I am not put off and will try with the Ferrero Rocher container tomorrow. (I have eaten them all).

I still have part of my mind on the next craft fair and since the mistletoe clips were so popular, I have been experimenting to give the clips a feel of Spring which will be here soon (honest). I have made two of most of them for little people (and big ones) who want to wear two clips at a time.

My particular favourite is the daffodil:

While I was gluing these together the postman delivered my latest lot of buttons. So I had to try them on the hair clips as well

I like them so much that I may do more in other colours even though they are not crocheted.

Once again we hope the new year brings you peace and happiness.
Lynn and Vicky.

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